Pre-filled Jars

Pre-filled Formalin Specimen Jars are impact-resistant, clear polypropylene jars prefilled with 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin (NBF). The caps are ribbed, leakproof and easy to open or close even with wet hands or gloves. The amount of formalin in the specimen jars is approximately half the volume of the jar.

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12 Products

12 Products

Large Pre-fill Formalin Jars

FX1011 - FX1132

Pre-Filled All-Fix Fixative

FX106• Series

Pre-Filled Michels Transport Media

FX1046-7, 20 & 256

Pre-Filled Bouin's Fixative

FX1035- Series

Pre-Filled Hollandes Fixative

FX1042- Series

Zinc Formalin - Pre-Filled Jars, (10%)

FX1020 Series

Trump's Fixative

FXG044 FX1044