How we ship

Shipping rates shown on the checkout screen are estimates based on weight. Your total shipping charges will be reflected on your invoice.

Multiple items on the same purchase order may be packaged together to optimize the number of packages sent. This variable nature means we cannot always accurately estimate how many packages your order will require until your order is packed and ready to ship. In addition, certain products are regulated by the D.O.T. which may dictate shipping speed and other restrictions. You may have seen these D.O.T. symbols on your packages. These symbols may add additional surcharges depending on shipping method

Requesting Alternative Shipping

if you prefer or require any other method than what is listed, simply call Customer Serivce at (877) 846-5393 or E-Mail

Hazardous materials charges

Hazardous materials generally fall into 3 categories. A description and breakdown of charges are listed below.

Limited Quantity & Air-Limited Quantity

Material is considered Hazardous, but the volume is small enough to not warrant extra charges
If any method other than ground is required, it becomes "Air - Limited Quantity"
• Limited Quantity items receive No Extra Charge, only if shipped Ground.

Air - Limited Quantity

Only marked on shipments traveling by AIR
Same as Limited Quantity above, but using a faster shipping method.
• These then receive a Hazardous Materials Surchage

Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods

Products in this category that are requested for expedited shipping (or internationally) will incur Dangerous Goods surcharges
Hazardous Materials Surchages always apply, for each package.
Dangerous Goods Surcharges are Greater than Hazardous Materials.

Cargo Aircraft Only

Applies only to certain Dangerous Goods substances

Cargo Aircraft Only (C.A.O) items are materials that have even more restrictions on their shipping methods. These typically require Priority shipping methods.
Dangerous Goods Surcharges are Greater than Hazardous Materials.