Deluxe Tissue Flotation Bath

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Deluxe Tissue Flotation Bath

The Deluxe Tissue Flotation Bath is Temp Controlled with LED Lighted Pyrex Dish. The Deluxe bath features a Slide Dryer and Tissue Orientor Blocks.

Eliminate wrinkles and distortion during preparation of paraffin embedded tissue sections L.E.D. illuminated black background with transparent removable Borosilicate dish; allows specimen to be easily seen and water easily discarded after use Digital microprocessor control with advanced safety over temperature protection. Electrical certified to UL Deluxe model includes Slide Dryer Block to assist in drying of slides and Tissue Orienter Block to smooth wrinkled sections Supplied With: Removable Borosilicate glass dish, Part Number: PD145

Unit Weight: 2.2lbs
Dish Depth: ~1.5 inches
Unit Total Height: 4.5 inches
Unit Width: 14.25 inches
Unit Length: 14.25 inches

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