Copper Stain Kit (For Microwave)

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The Copper Stain Kit (For Microwave) is intended for the demonstration of copper deposits in tissue sections.
Copper Deposits: Light Brown to Red
Nuclei: Blue

Prepare Working Rhodanine Solution:
4 ml Rhodanine Solution (Stock). Shake Stock Solution immediately before adding to Acetate Buffer.
46 ml Acetate Buffer Solution, pH 8.0

1. Deparaffinize sections if necessary and hydrate to distilled water.
2. Place loosely capped staining jar containing Working Rhodanine in microwave and heat solution until warm but not hot.
3. Place slide in warmed Working Rhodanine Solution and microwave at full power until solution is hot. Do not allow solution to boil.
4. Cap container, gently agitate to mix evenly, and allow solution to cool on countertop to room temperature with occasional agitation.
5. Examine slide microscopically and repeat heating/cooling cycle (steps 3 & 4) until desired staining intensity is achieved.
6. Rinse slide in 2 changes of Acetate Buffer Solution, pH 8.0 for 1 minute each.
7. Stain tissue section with Hematoxylin, Mayer’s (Lillie’s Modification) for 5-10 seconds.
8. Rinse slide in 3 changes of Acetate Buffer Solution, pH 8.0 for 1 minute each.
9. Dehydrate slide in 3 changes of absolute alcohol.
10. Clear in 2 changes of xylene or xylene substitute, and mount in synthetic resin.

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UN1170 Ethanol Solutions, 3, II

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