Histology Control Slides

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CDI’s control slides consist of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, which contain known distinctive tissue elements. One slide in each box features a serial section that has been stained using the specified staining procedure that is included in each box.

control slide slides, AFB Control, Acid Fast Bacteria Control, Alcian Blue (Colon), Alcian Blue Control, Amyloid Control, Argentaffin Control, Argyrophil Control, Bile Control, Calcium, Von Kossa Stain Control, Copper Control, Elastic Control, Fite/Nocardia Control, Fungus Control, Giemsa Control, Gram Control, Helicobacter Control, Hepatitis Control, Iron Control, Mast Cell Control, Melanin Control, Mucin Control, PAS (Aspergillus, Fungus), PAS (With Digestion) Control, PTAH Control, Periodic Acid Schiff Control, Pneumocystis Control, Reticulum (Retic) Control, Spirochete Control, Trichrome Control

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