TintoDetector Mini ImmunoDNA System

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BSB 7085

The TintoDetector Mini ImmunoDNA System

The TintoDetector Mini ImmunoDNA System is constructed out of stainless steel, that is chromogen and xylene resistant, for sustained durability. It also provides a small footprint for easy installation or relocation.
  • Stainless Steam Stand
  • TintoDetector Slide Holder
  • 4 Plastic Staining Dishes
  • 5 Reagent Well Holders
  • 1 package of 10 Absorbent Pads
  • 1 box of 72 TintoDetector Cap Gap Slides
  • The TintoDetector Slide Holder is an extremly durable capillary gap slide holder that is capable of holding 20 capillary gap slides. The TintoDetector slide holder can be used for all IHC, ICC, IF applications.

    When using the TintoDetector slide Holder, be sure the following procedures are followed:

  • Slides are paired face to face.
  • if a single slide or odd number must be used, pair with a blank slide.
  • Insert slides so that portion of slide with white triangles faces downward when unit is held.
  • Unsure that Prone On Plus slides are used.
  • Ensure all bottom edges of slides are aligned to ensure proper capillary gap action.

  • The TintoDetector 30 well reagent holder allows for the application of up to 200 microliters of reagent to a paired set of slides. The 30-well reagent holders can be used to apply any reagent used in IHC, ICC, IF Protocols.

    All TintoDetector staining dishes are capable of holding solutions such as buffers, or special stains for use in the IHC protocols. All staining dishes are capable of holding 200 mL of solution.

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