Atomic Blue™ Coated Metal Base Molds - PK/12

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The Blue Color metal base molds are a trademark of Cancer Diagnostics, Inc.

MBM-ATM Series

Atomic Blue™ Coated Metal Base Molds

and our Atmoic™ Coated Base Molds are the exclusive traditional shaped metal base mold, but features the same non-stick (Pearlex) coating as our Archimedes™ series. Made of 308 Stainless Steel.

These permanent metal Base Molds feature non-stick, nano-layer coating for faster cooling and clean, easy block release with no residue.

Look for the blue color base molds – a registered trademark of Cancer Diagnostics, Inc.

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Ratings & Reviews

I love these molds!

I LOVE those base molds! They seem to cool quicker and the blocks “fall” out of the molds! Granted I’ve only used them a few times, but I think they’re fabulous!
<br>I was a bit leery, but I contacted my former supervisor at a large hospital (they started using them within the last 4 months) who easily does 90K - 100K cases, not blocks, but cases per year. It was because of his recommendation that I chose to give them a try! They love them as well!
<br>As my volume increases I will order more!

Really great product

So, far, I have heard rave reviews. In my opinion they are worth replacing the non-coated molds. The paraffin blocks release from the coated molds effortlessly and in much less time. I will be placing an order for more to replace all molds with the coated version.

Two more techs :)

Tech 1- The coated molds from CDI,- used them and they are very good- I like them. Easy to remove block and clear to see the tissue during embedding.
<br>Tech 2- I like the coated molds. The block paraffin is smoother, and it seems like block gets cold faster and nice easy block removal--"slips" right off when removing the blocks without having to harshly pry the block out like we do with current molds..

Life Changing :)


I already received my order and started using it. It was life-changing, and I am pleased with the result. Removing my blocks from molds is so easy, and even mold stays as clean as new. I am very impressed and happy with my purchase.

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