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CDI's Tissue Marking Dyes®, Neutralizing Pads, Powders, Liquids, Stains, Cassettes, TAPED, TUBED, LOOSE, bevel® Microtome Blades, Biopsy Bags, Wraps, Management, Grossing Fixatives, Cervical Brushes and Scrapers, Stains, Frozen Section Optimized, Decalcifiers, Decalcifiers and Immuno Decals, Slide and Cassette Corrugated Storage Files, Slide Folders, Slide Mailers, Slide Boxes, Paraffin Block Mailers, Paraffin, Embedding, Microscope Slides, Coverglass, Mounting Medium, CytoFunnels, accessories, Specimen Containers, 3-Stain Kit, Histology and Cytology Stains, Special Stains, Biohazard Bags, Coverslipping, Slides, Mailers, Labels, Safety Scalpels, PreFilled ( Pre Filled - Pre-Filled Formalin and Fixatives ), Rulers, Air Quality/ Chemical Vapor Monitor Badges, Stainless Grossing Instruments, Stainless Forceps, Instruments, Antibodies - Rabbit Monoclonal, Breast Markers, Carcinoma Markers, Eye, Skin, Clothing Protection, Cutting, Trimming, H&E Stains, Special Stains and Control Slides, Fixatives, Clearing and Dehydrants, Microscope Slides, Coverglass, Microtome Blades, Alcohols/Dehydrants, Water Bath Adhesive, Cytology Fixatives and Sprays, CDI's Tissue Marking Dyes® MOHS, Neutralizing Powders, Liquids, Pads, Scalpel Blades, Cutting, Microscope Slides and Coverglass, Pre Fills, Specimen Containers, Bags, Alcohols, Clearing Agents, Chemicals, IHC, Enhanced Adhesive Slides and accessories, Pre-Filled Jars, Colon & Gastrointestinal, Leukemia & Lymphoma, Other Markers, Infectious Disease, Lung Markers, Prostate, Skin & Mesenchyme, Substrate Chromogens
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CDI's Tissue Marking Dyes®

NEW COLORS NOW AVAILABLE GOLD TEAL  MAGENTA   The Original 7 Dye Color Kit for defini...

Air Monitor Vapor Badges

 Monitor your air quality and breathe easy!  Badges include report.   1) Take badge...