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The ZytoLight system uses direct labeled FISH probes (1), eliminating the need to detect the probes with fluorophore-coupled antibodies. The probes are detected by fluorescence microscopy using appropriate filter sets (2). Due to an exciter filter (3), full-spectrum light, emitted by the microscope lamp (4), is reduced to light of a defined wavelength that specifically excites the fluorophore of the probe. This light is reflected onto the specimen by a dichroic mirror (5). The fluorophore emits light of longer wavelengths that passes the mirror. Finally, a barrier filter (6) reduces the emitted light to a defined wavelength that can be detected.

ZytoLight® - designed for the identification of genetic aberrations; translocations, deletions, amplifications, and chromosomal aneuploidies by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) in fixed & embedded tissue sections, cell samples, blood or bone marrow smears, and metaphase chromosome spreads.

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CEN 3 Probe (Z-2001-200)
CEN 6 Probe (Z-2002-200)
CEN 7 Probe (Z-2003-200)
CEN 8 Probe (Z-2004-200)
CEN 11 Probe (Z-2005-200)
CEN 17 Probe (Z-2006-200)
CEN 18 Probe (Z-2007-200)
CEN X Probe (Z-2008-200)
CEN Yq12 Probe (Z-2010-200)
SPEC 2q11 Probe (Z-2049-200)
CEN 12 Probe (Z-2050-200)
CEN 9 Probe (Z-2067-200)
CEN 10 Probe (Z-2079-200)
CEN 4 Probe (Z-2083-200)
SPEC 13q12 Probe (Z-2085-200)
SPEC 21q22 Probe (Z-2086-200)
SPEC 1p12 Probe (Z-2101-200)
CEN Y (DYZ3) Probe (Z-2123-200)

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