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SS 30

The Myreva SS-30 automated slide stainer is an instrument for simultaneous staining of routine and special/user specified staining protocols. It allows Simultaneous staining of up to 5 racks depending on protocols (identical and/or different), load frequency and instrument configuration. Racks have capacity for 30 slides

With an instrument screen to continuously monitor the staining process, The Myreva SS-30 is the perfect instrument for Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) and Papanicolau (Pap) staining. It also meets requirements for special, user-specified staining protocols. User can load slide racks randomly, achieving efficiency a high throughput staining.

20 stations in total :

• Up to 2 loading stations.
• Up to 3 unloading stations
• Up to 3 wash stations with running water. 

Individually programmable agitation system for each station. Available in 4 different modes with 3 configurable parameters: number, speed and amplitude of deeps. Special programming for washing stations.


√ “Drain” function available. Minimize stains carry-over (optional).
√ Battery back up with 2h autonomy.
√ Programmable immersion time between 1s to 59m 59s per step.
√ Fume extraction and charcoal filter system.
√ Up to 20 programs with maximum 50 steps each.
√ Real time display of staining protocol status.
√ USB connector to acquire data and program staining protocols. 
√ Adaptors available for the most popular coverslipper racks in the market.
√ Security level sensor against water spillage.
√ Adaptor for general lab extractor system available.
√ External power supply 12V.

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