Pro-Soft Dehydrant 5 Gallon Drum

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This alcohol alternative for processing eliminates hard, crunchy and over-processed tissues. Easy to use, needs no diluting. Dramatically reduces solvent usage. Bulk Drum of 5 Gallons

Tissues contain both bound and free water molecules. Optimal dehydration in tissue processing removes only the free water molecules. Excessive exposure to processing alcohols can strip bound water molecules from the tissue making it dry, brittle and difficult to section (overprocessed). Pro-Soft Dehydrant does not have the chemical properties to remove bound water, therefore overprocessing is prevented. Specimens processed with Pro-Soft Dehydrant will be easier to cut than tissues dehydrated with alcohol on a comparable schedule.

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UN1993 Flammable Liquid, n.o.s. (Propyl Alcohol), 3, II

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