N95 Respirator Face Mask - Model L-188 - NIOSH Approved (20 Pack)

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N95 FFP2 Masks. Protect yourself with extreme comfort, self-priming filter, and the best comfortable fit. Low respiratory resistance allows user to breathe easily without discomfort. Each mask is individually wrapped. 20 Pieces per box.
  • Specification 6002a-1
  • Executive standard: GB19083-2010
  • EN 149: 2001+A1: 2009 • FFP2 NR D
  • GTIN: 06973179130011
  • UNSPSC: 46182001
  • N-95

    Instructions for Use - N-95 Mask

  • Take the mask in one hand and hold the nose piece between your fingertips. Ensure that the ear straps are hanging freely without making contact with your hand.
  • Press the mask against your chin, with the nose piece pointing towards the front. Keep facial hair from between the mask.
  • Face the mask without the nose clip so that the nose clip is above the mask.
  • Pull the ear strap behind your ear and hang it.
  • Press the nose clip to both sides with both hands to make the nose clip fit to the tightness of the mask.
  • Try the mask before you enter the work area.
  • Applicable Placards and Hazard Symbols

    Hover over each placard to see a description of its meaning

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