PureView® Intelligent Staining System

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MOHS Stainer

This mini automated slide stainer (benchtop unit) for simultaneous routine staining of various slide racks with different staining protocols features an Instrument screen to monitor the staining process continuously.
The Pureview Intelligent Stainer is the perfect instrument for routine staining in a MOHS lab. It also meets the requirements for special, user-specified staining protocols for special stains.
User can load slide racks randomly, achieving efficiency and high throughput staining.
20 Stations (135mL)
17 Possible Running Water Stations


• Auto-Start Function
• Immersion time at each station, up to 1 hour.
• 10 Program Capacity of up to 50 steps per program
• Real-Time alert if an error occurs
• Rear Ventilation Fan W/ Optional Duct Connector

Dimensions: 300mm (H) × 705mm (L) × 280 mm (D)

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Frees up time and processes faster


We recently trialed and then purchased a Pureview Intelligent Stainer to use in our Mohs lab. We have a Mohs surgeon who does Mohs surgeries two days per week. The Pureview has been wonderful! Its easy to set up, program, and adjust. We've found that the staining quality is on par with a routine regressive H & E stain. The staining is always consistent. Maintenance of the stainer is very little. The ability to adjust timing on each station has been great advantage to have. The Pureview frees up time and hands enabling us to process more frozen specimens faster.

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