3-Stain Dip Kit, Solutions A-C, 1000mL - EA.

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3-Stain Dip Kit, is a three step procedure for differential staining of blood smears, cytospins and tissue imprints. Contains 1000mL bottles of each solution. It is useful in evaluating blood parasites, microbial organisms and bone marrow specimens. The entire procedure takes 30 seconds as air dried specimens are fixed in Solution A then dipped in Solutions B and C. Staining intensity is easily manipulated. Leukocytes appear crisp and distinct.

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UN1230 Methanol, 3, II

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The vet who loves the 3 stain dip kit


This easy 3 step stain is wonderful for citology specimens
<br>Daily I use it for hematology, skin citology, ear citology, fine needle aspiration or FNP, it work great for bone marrow specimens too
<br>All of this with my canine and feline patients

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