Cervex-Brush Original, Cell Sampler, Sterile - CS/2000

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The Cervex-Brush ® ORIGINAL is an endocervical cell collection device for simultaneously collecting cervical and endocervical cells by the clinician during a pap smear. Ideal for use in collecting OBGYN specimens for liquid base cytology procedures

A high quality examination is one of the important elements that determines efficacy of screening. The Cervex-Brush® was developed by Rovers® Medical Devices, in collaboration with women and physicians. Rovers’ specialists have experience in the development of medical devices for gynaecological examinations for over 20 years. The Cervex-Brush® enables simultaneous collection of ectocervical, endocervical and transformation-zone cells with a single device. The brush is made up of well-defined semi-circular soft, flexible hairs for the optimal sample collection. The Cervex-Brush® can be used for HPV testing, conventional cytology and liquid-based cytology. The hydrophobic material of the brush facilitates the release of the cell material into the fluid or on to a glass slide.

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