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Vortex Micro Cassette

Small biopsy cassette.  Rounded Micro-Hole interior basket has no corners like traditional cass...
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Vortex Micro Cassette
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Vortex Micro Cassette

Small biopsy cassette.  Rounded Micro-Hole interior basket has no corners like traditional cassettes.  Biopsies are easy to find after processing.  Side-Vents designed for enhanced infiltration.

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Product CodeItem NameAdd to CartRequest SamplesQuantity
VM1017-BX Purple, BX/250
VM1017 Purple, CS/1000
VM1015-BX Gold, BX/250
VM1015 Gold, CS/1000
VM1014-BX Red, BX/250
VM1014 Red, CS/1000
VM1010-BX Tan, BX/250
VM1010 Tan, CS/1000
VM1009-BX Aqua, BX/250
VM1009 AQUA, CS/1000
VM1008-BX PEACH, BX/250
VM1008 PEACH, CS/1000
VM1007-BX Lavender, BX/250
VM1007 Lavender, CS/1000
VM1006-BX Orange, BX/250
VM1006 Orange, CS/1000
VM1005-BX Yellow, BX/250
VM1005 Yellow, CS/1000
VM1004-BX PINK, BX/250
VM1004 PINK, CS/1000
VM1003-BX Green, BX/250
VM1003 Green, CS/1000
VM1002-BX Blue, BX/250
VM1002 Blue, CS/1000
VM1001-BX GRAY, BX/250
VM1001 GRAY, CS/1000
VM1000-BX WHITE, BX/250
VM1000 White, CS/1000
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